MODEL In The Middle Barbara Moore

MECÉ Bids Bienvenue to Angelique Jerome

Victoria Fuller: answers our seven questions

Monterey Car Week: Gumball Edition - Jeany Zhao

Freemasons: Guardians or Gatekeepers - Mark Thomas

Samantha Mathias Revisited

Loving Look Back: Hollow Man - The Movie

It’s October-Oooh!

The Scary Month...

We’ve begun to enter those months with each known for some particular holiday, October’s being Halloween. For many, this month is their excuse to dress as outrageous as they wish, all while channeling some kooky character. We’re guessing this year, that will more than likely be Ken and Barbie for most, yet, also with a large contingent of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins mixed in for good measure.

Yet here at MECÉ, though we find this month a lot of fun for sure, we’re still in the business of presenting beauty to you no matter the month, season, or holiday. It’s all about gorgeous, sexy women and we are here to provide, yes, we are!

So, let’s get to it with our opening model who comes to us all the way from Parēē. Paris that is. Angelique Jerome is a model who photographer Ric Moore met some years ago and thought could be a nice addition to the pages of MECÉ Magazine. And we could not agree more. On a trip to be at his godson’s wedding Ric took time out to meet with and photograph our “un beau gosse” (our hottie). She opens this month’s magazine with a view of the Eiffel you won’t want to miss.

Following our opening pictorial, we have this month’s Q&A-7 interview with another model, this one, a Playmate of the Month for Playboy, Victoria Fuller. Victoria has created a business for those Playmates who want to keep the legacy of being a Playmate alive and well into the future. She calls it, Rogue Bunnies, and they are the best of the best of the Playmates. With many of whom David had the pleasure to photograph during his tenure working at the bunny. Victoria tells how Rogue Bunnies came to be in our 7-question interview conducted by our interviewer Sonia Loiz.

Our Motorsports junkie (and quite the looker herself) Jeany Zhao, gives us a tour of this year’s Monterey Car Week. Then adds there is something more to come from it in the future involving something called the Gumball Rally. Now that sounds like some big time fun with cars. She talks us through the event and how the Rally plays into it now and in the future in her story for us this month.

Speaking of Playboy Playmates, there’s a Playmate who is one of the favorites of all time by the name of Barbara Moore. In her Playboy gatefold she was standing in a diner wearing a cute little hat, white cuffs on her wrists, red shoes, and an adorable smile. We kept the smile for you but removed pretty much everything else in her appearance as our October MODEL in the Middle. Yes, Barbara is still hot and incredible with or without her clothes (we decided to go with the without). So be sure to catch her pictorial and MITM photographs, but where else, in the middle!

As we often attempt to do, following her pictorial David walks us through his methods and procedures on photographing our models who appear as our MITMs. Along with pictures showing strobe placement and the reasons for using them in this month’s, How It Was Done.

Our dapper UK editor, Mark Thomas, has taken on the task of giving us a look inside the organization known as the Freemasons. Is it cult or cultural phenomenon that has survived long throughout history, thriving even today in many parts of the world. And with some of the most notable people as members, it is an organization worth knowing about. Mark gives us a look inside in this, Part 1, of his story, Guardians or Gatekeepers.

Last September, our MITM, was transformed into our version of Mad Max (from the movie of the same name), but with our title, Mad Sam. We share more photos (unpublished) from our September 2022 MITM, starring Sam Mathias as she became a Mad Max character for her MODEL in the Middle photo shoot.

As we mentioned, this month is normally the month thought of as the month for all things having to do with Halloween. You know, scary stuff. So, David thought it appropriate to tell his story about creating ‘a moment’ while watching a somewhat scary movie in the theater. The movie was Hollow Man, starring Kevin Bacon as the invisible man. The ‘moment’ happened when something rather unique happened onscreen. Read all about it in this month’s A Loving Look Back.

Enjoy this Halloween month, scary or not. And we’ll see you next month when the holiday is more about food than scary stuff, as in, turkey. For now, enjoy all that candy and prizes when trick or treating and as always, be safe!