MODEL In The Middle Katie Jo Carter

Dakota Simone makes her MECÉ debut

Workshop: Arizona - Sep 30 - Oct 1 2023

Loving Look Back - David reflects on Workshops Past

Coupling Models with Class - Pictorial & How To

Garden of Magic: Bellagio - Daphne Doettger

Q&A-7 Las Vegas Legend Oscar Goodman

Other Dreams - Mark Thomas

Our September Means Autumn

and So Much More

As summer slowly slips away, we watch with anxious anticipation as autumn approaches with its fall colors and list of holidays and incredible events all about to happen here in Las Vegas!

Speaking of incredible events, let us tell you about our latest, and a most wonderful addition to MECÉ Magazine’s staff!

With David Mecey’s time and energy pushed to the limit, along with what we felt would be a positive for MECÉ Magazine. David has turned over the reins of Publisher to his dear friend and colleague, Nicole Bigham.

With Nicole being a former Miss Pennsylvania USA, she knows something about beauty. But most of all, she’s a businesswoman first and foremost. Her style and business savvy will only add to MECÉ Magazine’s look and direction going forward. So, we feel blessed to have her join us in our quest to be the best. And we welcome our new boss with open arms…

For you photographers out there, we hope you’ve saved your spot for our 1st MECÉ Magazine masterclass on photographing models for a men’s magazine! You will work with our founder & chief photographer, David Mecey, along with three of our MODELs in the Middle. It’s happening the last day of this month and the 1st day of October. It will be spectacular for a few lucky photogs. You can read more about it in this month’s, A Loving Look Back.

We open our September issue with a model who while growing up never thought of herself as having a chance to model. Yet, once she realized it’s when you put your mind and effort into a goal it can make a dream happen, it did. We at MECÉ second that mindset. Dakota Simone starts us off with one spicy pictorial. After discovering she uses a dancer’s pole for exercise back home, no better place to do her photo shoot than in a nightclub with a pole!

Mark Thomas, our UK Editor, has written a piece talking about how the English do seem to envy we Americans but in only the nicest way. He lays it all out in his offering this month titled, Other Dreams. Yes, the English find our free spirit attitude and entrepreneurial aptitude something to admire. We cannot agree more.

Here in Las Vegas, there is a man by the name, Oscar Goodman, many consider a living legend. And, as they should. He was mayor of this great city for a dozen years, but before that, he was widely known as the Attorney for the Mob. Yes, he defended some of the most feared mobsters of the 20th century. Which garnered him the opportunity to play himself in the Martin Scorsese movie, Casino, alongside actors Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone. With each of them portraying the people whom he defended during his tenure as attorney. We are very proud to bring you in this month’s Q&A-7, his interview, as spoken to our interviewer, Sonia Loiz.

Our contributing writer, Daphne Doettger, takes you into the world of the Bellagio Casino’s displays of flowers and lush greenery, in, Garden of Magic at the Bellagio. It’s a botanical garden of such magnitude it will take your breath away with its intense colors and magnificent creations.

This month’s MODEL in the Middle, Katie Jo Carter is both artist and a model. But it was art she wanted to pursue. We’ve even included a few of her works. But when a photographer friend asked her to do a photo shoot, her eyes were opened. More photographers began to reach out asking her to be their subject, so her modeling took hold.

When you see her pictorial, we feel you’ll agree she made the right decision to continue down that modeling path. Then even more by joining our list of beauties as this September’s MODEL in the Middle for MECÉ Magazine.

Closing out our pictorials is David showing us how photographing two models together can be sexy yes but done with class and sophistication. With two of his favorite models, he describes the process when doing a demo photo shoot at one of his workshops inside a spectacular Las Vegas nightclub. View it in the feature, Photographing Two Models with Sexiness & Class.

That’s our September! With fall just around the corner, we will be in the middle of it all with another stellar issue next month for October. Oh yeah, we are just as excited as you about the next three issues that will close out 2023 and lead us into year 2024!

Sheesh, we feel like we’re writing the preface for some sort of sci-fi novel by even mentioning that date; 2024! Wow! Well, we will see you there sooner than you think!