MODEL In The Middle Azura Grace

Showgirl Legend Dani Elizabeth

Loving Look Back Photographing thirtysomething

Tatiana Pictorial

Jacob's Ladder - Jake McAllister

The Carrington Effect - Mark Thomas

Bon Appétit Vegas - Daphne Doettger

It’s June! Happy Summer!

Only a day after this issue has hit the proverbial stands, many of you, along with all of us here at MECÉ will be at the iconic Ghost Bar nightclub inside the Palms Resort and Casino. With us celebrating our first-year publishing MECÉ.

It’s been an enormous undertaking, but we’ve proven it can be done. We’re now working on year two with just as much enthusiasm and excitement as when we started it one year ago. In fact, even more!

So, let’s kick it off by sharing what we’re offering in this June issue.

We begin with a feature on one of the hottest showgirls working in Las Vegas, Dani Elizabeth. And yes, there are still showgirls, those iconic women who made this town the sexiest entertainment capital in the world. Our feature on Dani was photographed for us by Las Vegas-based photographer, Anneli Adolfsson. A woman who has made her mark in photography herself. All to be seen in their pictorial, Dani Elizabeth, Showgirl Legend.

Vegas has some of the most amazing Chefs preparing meals in its casinos. Incredibly delicious fare for the most discriminating palates. But what about those of us who just want fun food with a touch of cool atmosphere to excite our taste buds. While also a tad more affordable. Our Daphne Doettger has done her research for where the locals sit down for something great tasting without big price tags in Bon Appetit Vegas!

Mark Thomas, our UK editor has gathered together an article that will inform yet may also put a bit of a scare into you. It delves into how our sun can be both scary as well as our friend in, The Carrington Event. You may not look at the sun the same way again.

Without saying it, we are constantly scouring the world for the hottest women on the planet for our pictorials. And boy, have we found one incredible subject for our June MODEL in the Middle. Her name represents both a bold fictional character in a video game and a sweet attitude. She’s Azura Grace. And she’s gorgeous and sexy and commands that position in the middle as our MITM.

As always, we try to share how we do it with our photo shoots. In this how it was done, David shares the ins and outs of photographing that centermost position in a magazine. It was once called a gatefold, what we now call, MODEL in the Middle. And though our MITM is the same dimensions of that iconic gatefold, we do it differently. David gives you a glimpse into how it was done for many, many years, then how we do it today.

Last month, we published the first half of an inspired piece written by college student, Jacob McAllister. It was largely a self-analysis of himself with detailed descriptions of the numerous mental disorders that plague not only him, but large numbers of people today. Along with his written word, he also included searing photographs illustrating each. This is Part II of his work, titled, Jacob’s Ladder.

After the Covid shutdown had passed, there began a slow uptick of photo shoots being held here in Las Vegas. Group shoots with several photographers and many more models spending the day creating content for their portfolios and social media. It was at one of those events where David met one very hot model. You will definitely want to see what they accomplished in her pictorial simply titled, Tatiana.

Each month we close the issue with a bit of David’s history. This time it’s a story from when he first moved to LA in the early ‘90s. He was called upon to photograph the cast of the then very popular TV program, thirtysomething. But it was what happened after all the photo shoots were done that makes it even more special. You’ll read all about it in A Loving Look Back.

We’re hoping many of you made our party this month and for those who didn’t, let’s see about next year, shall we?

Enjoy your, and our, June!