About MECÉ Magazine

As a photographer, most of David Mecey's career was all about photographing women for Playboy.

He worked for the magazine as a staff photographer for well over two decades. He was all about the “Rabbit;” he walked it, talked it, lived it, but most of all, photographed it during those years Hef was at the helm.

We feel that classic style of photographing beautiful women in sexy light fading away. Even the Victoria Secret models known as Angels are no more. We have created a place where this artform can flourish. It is a place to celebrate women’s beauty, both inside and out, along with their importance in the world.

It seems as if society’s mad dash toward equality has more to do with reducing the talents, accomplishments, and natural gifts of select people than empowering and encouraging people to thrive using their unique talents. Instead of convincing people to downplay their natural gifts to seem more accepting, we challenge all of society to celebrate the differences. We want to emphasize the strengths in people while minimizing their weaknesses.

With MECÉ Magazine, we intend to bring back a taste of that classic look, allowing women to be as proud of how incredible they look as well as shining symbols of intelligence. We are promoting a contemporary feel, yet with touches of the classic style men and women have loved for so many decades, in addition to readers of a younger generation who will also revel in the lifestyle our magazine offers.

Lighting and refining David's photography to reflect the model’s beauty and personality has always been his trademark. Whether you are a longtime fan or growing enthusiast, we look forward to sharing all his experience and talent with you at MECÉ Magazine.

In addition to the gorgeous photographs, we will be sharing articles about lifestyle interests such as beauty products, cuisine, wine, travel, all types of tech, automobiles, and yes, tips on photography. We may even throw in some magic here and there.

We will always strive to provide consistent and compelling content to our readers. The keystone of that content is the introduction of our gorgeous M. I. T. M, the MODEL in the Middle.

In both the print and online versions of the magazine, the M. I. T. M. photograph will the only one to stretch edge to edge. In print that is 22" long!

This is the highest honor we can bestow on one of our models, the one who represents all we are at MECÉ Magazine. She must demonstrate natural beauty, yes, but also a dedication to community, and for making a better world in which we live.

In closing, we would like to extend an invitation to models and photographers who are interested in being a part of our vision to contact us. If you are interested in joining us, look for the link and submission guidelines on our website.

We invite you to open our pages, look around at the beauty and articles we offer.