Upcoming Workshops

The Ultimate Guide to Photographing Women

Dates & Models: to be announced

(Bonus day: Friday afternoon classroom session)

Location: to be announced

Come and learn from the master, David Mecey (editor-in-chief of MECÉ Magazine and former Playboy staff photographer) everything there is to know about the photography of women, from the basics to glamour.

This comprehensive course covers everything from planning the shoot, selecting models and makeup artists, to how to light, pose, and shoot, to all the stuff that comes after.

Guest speakers Ian Branson (Art director, MECÉ Magazine) and Brian Crumb (professional photographer and assistant to David.)

While David will cover the majority of creative topics in this course, Brian and Ian will address some of the non-creative but nonetheless important topics that come with photographing women in general.

Ian will talk about the art director's perspective and how photographers can tailor their photographs for layouts and publication. He will cover aspect ratios, framing for editorial, choosing helpful backgrounds, among others. He will also discuss some of the legal topics like 2257 compliance, releases, agreements, and some of the nuance that goes with them.

Brian will talk about the assistant's perspective, how to choose one, what their role and purpose is, why they're important for nearly every shoot, and general expectations.

THREE rockstar models to be photographed:

  • Alice Antoinette (Jul '22 MODEL in the Middle)
  • Azura Grace (Jun '23 MODEL in the Middle)
  • Autumn Huse (May '22 MODEL in the Middle)

Deep dives into the following topics:

  • Location selection, permitting, and insurance
  • Model, MUAH, and assistant selection and compensation
  • Legal topics, including 2257 compliance, copyrights, and releases
  • Equipment selection, including light modifiers, rentals
  • Lighting, posing, and shooting, including metering, gels, color temperature
  • Aspect ratios and image purpose
  • Wardrobe
  • Nudity and related topics
  • Planning and workflow
  • Color spaces

This course takes place over two-and-a-half days:

  • Friday -> classroom instruction and discussion, Q&A
  • Saturday -> hands-on shooting, with lighting & posing instruction
  • Sunday -> hands-on shooting, with lighting & posing instruction

Full, detailed syllabus and course schedule provided on ticket purchase.